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Mission: To regenerate our world, block by block

Our vision

  • Anyone, anywhere able to make everyday things
  • Open source, globally-designed, locally-produced
  • Adaptable, affordable, reusable, and environmentally friendly
  • Most building practices are non-modular, non-reusable, energy-intensive, and toxic.
  • Most design systems are proprietary and incompatible: limiting re-use.
  • Most products become obsolete or unrepairable: requiring new products to replace old.
  • Universal building system for people and communities to build, re-build, and customize everyday things.
  • Open platform with global catalogue of designs and local supply of reusable parts.
  • Collaborative network where people design, share, and construct modular, reusable, and eco-friendly living spaces.

Open Library of Parts

  • A part is fundamental (indivisible)
  • A part has parameters (e.g. variant, length)
  • A part is self-descriptive
    • Physical properties: size, weight, material, etc
    • Connections (inputs and outputs): mechanical, electrical, plumbing, etc
    • Has instructions on how to maintain and manufacture (3d print files etc)

Open Catalogue of Products

  • A product is an assembly composed of many parts
  • A product is described by a function: (parameters) => parts
  • Some products are parametric (e.g. a chair has a height, width, etc)
    • Each product has a Bill of Materials: a set of parts to build
    • Each product has step-by-step instructions on how to build
  • Anyone can write and publish a product

Peer Production Marketplace

  • Anyone can be a supplier for any number of parts
  • When you purchase a product, we connect you with local suppliers for the parts you need
  • We provide suppliers with a platform to manage their orders, payments, inventory, and manufacturing processes
  • Long-term goal is to use the Value Flows accounting system for composable smart-contracts and transparent resource flows
Value Flows ecosystem flow

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