Village Kit

Anyone, anywhere able to easily make everyday things.

A shoe rack made from Grid Beam.

Open source, globally-designed, locally-produced.

Adaptable, affordable, reusable, and environmentally friendly.

A lounge with a coffee table made from Grid Beam, with a cat on a couch looking over.

Village Kit is a modular system for building physical things with a focus on peer production and circular economies.

The Village Kit system is:

  • a library of open source modular parts,
  • a CAD app for designing products using those parts,
  • an e-commerce store for browsing products,
  • and a marketplace to connect consumers with a network of suppliers.

Our minimum viable revolution is to bring Grid Beam to the masses.

We are a small team so we need your help. We are only an initial seedling: we need makers, artists, story-tellers, and more, to sprout Village Kit into a thriving movement. Join us!

A record shelf made from Grid Beam.

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