Village Kit


The Village Kit is a system of systems.

We provide open source protocols and turn-key solutions for modular living infrastructure.

We want to enable an ecosystem of reusable and interoperable building blocks to sustain life and evolve in community.


water cube

Support the general movement with specific prototypes

As a trade-off with doing everything at once.

Use contrained plans and clear boundaries

As a trade-off with unconstrained macro-utopias (which continue to fail), we iterate with constrained pragmatic business plans and clear boundaries to support micro-utopias

For example:

  • An #ecovillage requires too much upfront privilege, the whole system is dependent on self-actualizing visions, and there are unmitigated risk when conflicts inevitably arise
  • The Burning Man org (and regional burn orgs) is actually authoritarian, but the authority is very limited in scope (e.g. where you are allowed to camp), which enables each camp to be their own anarchist micro-utopia

Global design, local production

The internet allows us to connect from all around the world to solve the common problem of better living infrastructure.

Then anyone anywhere can download designs to create local products and employment.

The more who participate, the more use, the more designs, the more adaptation, the more ways to re-use, the more common systems for systems.


bush cube

Use non-toxic materials

We must account for our cost to the environment.

We want to use materials that are found in nature and are friendly to the environment.

Accumulating re-usable construction materials should be a viable economic savings strategy

Each modular component should be designed for dis-assembly, to be re-used again and again.

Adaptable living spaces between situations and seasons

If you family visits for a time, you should be able to create a new space for them!

As seasons come and go, you should be able to adjust your spaces to suit your current needs.


solar cube

Support well-engineered, interoperable, and re-usable construction systems

As a trade-off with bespoke upcycling that is not modular, interoperable, or re-usable.

For example:

  • Grid Beam
  • structural pipe fittings
  • T-Slot

Enable open sharing of fractal (from macro to micro) designs

Share your own personalized designs, from desk to bedroom to house to village.

Should be easy to publish and download: a package manager (e.g. npm) for physcial modules

Use code-based CAD where possible

For example:

Our products

Grid Kit

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